Rogers Unloading is a Leading Supply Chain Labor Provider.

Our objective is to enhance cost-effectiveness, support efficiency, and improve production levels.  We strive to be an efficient link in your supply chain and provide you with a competitive edge in a fast-paced industry.  Rogers specializes in the grocery and food service sector, but maintain strong relationships in manufacturing and warehousing.

Freight Handling

Truck Unloading
Freight Running
Trailer Spotting
Yard/Fuel Checks

Inventory Control

Order Selecting
Put Ups & Pull Downs
Inventory & Selector Audits


Fleet Washing
Salvage Operations
Warehouse Maintenance


-Increased productivity and significant cost savings
-Trained, insured, reliable labor
-Certified equipment operators
-Minimized liabilities
-On-site management / supervision
-Customized management and accounting support
-Improved relations with carriers and vendors
-Production pay system
-Incentive programs
-Productivity-focused employees
-Trained road crew for efficient start-up and transitions